Tractor with a view from the other in the vineyard - Philosophy of the vineyard

Our philosophy

Il Monte Caro since 1986

The features of the Mount are soil rich in limestone which can only give elegance and minerality to the wines and constant breeze that guarantees freshness.

Our Vines which are in between 25 and 35 years old are mostly pergola-shaped like tradition wants. Everything from pruning (following the lunar calendar) to the thinning of shoots, leaves and grapes as well as the harvest is done by us manually.
We select only the best grapes and our wines ferment spontaneously. We control the temperature in the fermentation tanks and this is very important for extracting the gentle tannins of our grapes in a balanced way.
The cellar process is very simple where all is focused on the quality of the grapes and their naturality. All our work and efforts are on the vineyards and their precious fruits. Another important accent on our style is the ageing that doesn't allow the softness to overtake the glass.

We want the Mount to speak up, we want to feel the soil, the vintage and the grape varieties in the glass, nothing else!

Il Monte Caro is not only wine. In the highest place of the hill you can find the olive grove that we call “Alla Croce”, referring to its proximity to the panoramic viewpoint, one of the most scenic of the valley. Here we cultivate about five hundred plants of ten different varieties, amongst them you find Grignano, Leccino, Favarol, Leccio del Corno.

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